Our values

The appreciation of our team is the basis of our actions. For us, this not only includes recognizing the achievements of our employees, but also promoting individual skills. Honesty and commitment are just as important to us as praise and constructive criticism. Appreciation is therefore a question of inner attitude for us as a team.
We have economic and ecological responsibility for the existence and progress of our company. Each of us takes responsibility for the product quality, our processes, for the conscious use of resources and social interaction, supported by a lived error processing culture. Responsibility also includes being open to change and wanting to continuously improve.
With flexibility and commitment, we focus on the wishes and needs of our customers. As a reliable and long-standing partner, our aim is to deliver very good quality and to support the customer in the best possible way in close cooperation. Because the success of our customers is also our success. We like to go one step further for and with our customers.
We enjoy coming to work, enjoy our tasks and identify with the company and its culture. We feel and act like an entrepreneur in our workplace.
Our team is characterized by a special cohesion, reliability, mutual respect and helpfulness. Everyone on the team is an important part of the overall success. Short distances and quick decisions enable a team culture in which each team member can contribute and implement their ideas. We want our company to be as good as the ideas of all team members.
Julius Kirschner und Sohn Unternehmensphilosophie



Our employees should enjoy coming to work, enjoy their work and be passionate about their work and their company.


Julius Kirschner should be as good as the good ideas of all employees. That requires a constructive corporate culture, otherwise there is no willingness to get involved.

Good Pay

Our employees do a great job and produce knife blanks of the best quality, for which we want to pay them appropriately, in line with their performance and well.

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Avoiding minimum wage

The people who work here should be able to concentrate on their work and not have any financial worries. We want to multi-qualify so that we can pay above minimum wage.

Perfect position

We want to use each and every employee where they have the most talent and joy and where they bring the greatest benefit to the community.

corporate culture

An appreciative, social, human and performance-oriented corporate culture of challenging and encouraging is the cultural basis at Julius Kirschner. 80% of our success depends on how we treat people.


We want to train our employees to become highly qualified specialists, thereby giving them variety in their activities and deploying them flexibly. The important thing is that quality comes first, then performance and not the other way around. And the qualification is a good basis for good pay.


Many good individual players do not automatically make a good team. A constructive cooperation with each other, with a focus on the interests of the company, is crucial.


At Julius Kirschner there are no recruiting problems because our employees are satisfied and therefore bring us together with applicants who come from their family and friends.
Several successful father-son constellations encourage us in this recruiting approach.


In the interest of everyone involved, we want to keep the health impairments of our employees through their workplace as low as possible. Therefore, we offer physical compensatory exercises with appropriate equipment at work.

Occupational safety

Occupational safety in the company and the protection of our employees come before striving for performance, quality, turnover and profit.


Our basis for a good strategic orientation of the company is to understand ourselves, our customers and the market, to know what our core competence is and with which products we make money.

Our Team

Nino Cafaro
Thilo Möller
Thilo Möller
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Other Team Member
Torsten Niestroj
Torsten Niestroj
Leiter Instandhaltung und BR-Vorsitzender
0212 / 248128 – 13
Renate Keller

Renate Keller
Personal und Finanzen
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Firmengeschichte Julius Kirschner und Sohn

Our company history

  • 1878

    Im Jahre 1878 wurde das Unternehmen als Messerschlägerei am Standort Burger Landstraße in Solingen durch Herrn Julius Kirschner gegründet.

  • 1919

    Weiterführung durch Herrn Kirschner, Sohn vom Gründer, seitdem JULIUS KIRSCHNER & SOHN

  • 1955

    Nach dem Tode des Gründers wurde die Firma 1955 von Herrn Gustav Diederichs gekauft.

  • 1978

    Im November 1978 übernahm Herr Thomas Diederichs die faktische Geschäftsführung von seinem Vater.

  • 1984

    1984 trat Herr Rudi Krogel in die Geschäftsführung ein.

  • 1988

    Unter seiner Leitung wurde 1988 die Gesenkschmiede auf die Lüneschloßstraße verlagert.

  • 1998

    1998 kaufte die Gebr. Hartkopf GmbH & Co. KG das Unternehmen. Geführt wurde das Unternehmen seit 1998 von Herrn Norbert Grobosch (Geschäftsführer) und Herrn Nino Cafaro (Betriebsleiter).

  • 2002

    Produktverbesserung durch die Umstellung der Wergzeugerstellung durch CAD/CAM und HSC-Fräsen.

  • 2007

    Prozessoptimierung in der Härterei, Umstellung auf Durchlaufofen.

  • 2018

    Erweiterung des Leistungsspektrums durch Schmieden von Handwerkzeugen mit konduktiver Erwärmung.

  • 2022

    Julius Kirschner ist heute, wie auch in der Vergangenheit, Zulieferer der Schneidwarenindustrie, immer fokussiert auf die Lieferung von Messer-Rohlingen für viele ansässige Kunden in Solingen und verschiedene europäische Länder. Unsere Rohlinge finden zudem auch Absatz in Asien und in den USA. Seit dem 01.06.2022 ist Herr Thilo Möller Geschäftsführer der Hartkopf-Gruppe und somit auch verantwortlich für Julius Kirschner & Sohn GmbH & Co KG